Human Resources Director, Dassault Systemes S.A:

“Traditionally, we only use our internal recruitment departments to fulfil roles within the Company, however, the vacancy we needed to fill for Senior Enterprise Business Developer could not wait. Mignon had been in touch with us a couple of times and based on her niche speciality, we decided to give them a try. All I can say is that she made my job very easy! And it was so much better than working with internal! Everything ran pretty smoothly. Communications were handled in a very effective and efficient manner and we found EXACTLY what we were looking for!

We also gave her specific time lines which were upheld perfectly and we got to see a lovely spectrum of people, which led to us having 3 very strong candidates on the shortlist to choose from! That was the only difficult part.
The Quality of candidates was much more than we expected! We are very impressed and happy with the service we received from Satisfaction! I love working with people who know what they are doing!”

Sales Director, ACS-Embrace Software:

ACS-Embrace Software Solutions, a South African company, based in Johannesburg, with the goal of providing flexible, state-of-the-art software solutions tailored for Sub-Saharan African companies, needed to recruit a New Business Developer.  Having experience of working with Mignon previously, it was natural for us to reach out to her when looking for the right fit.  She quickly understood our business and the requirements of the role.  Mignon showed flexibility, expertise and willingness to commit to us, making it easy for us to give her the assignment.

The service, the prompt attention, the consistent follow up and the quality of candidates we got from her speaks well of their recruiting and screening process. I would have no hesitation in giving my recommendations to use Satisfaction.

Managing Director, Business 2 IT (B2IT):

“I was always very sceptical about working with recruiters; however, a solid referral was given to me by an individual who had previously worked with Mignon.

From the initial meeting, Mignon was professional and personable. She was determined to fully understand our requirement and offered great knowledge and value, in terms of what our objectives were and what the easiest route to achieving this would look like.

Her thorough processes, screening and deep networked relationships ensured we got to see the cream of the crop, in an extremely short space of time!

It was a pleasure working with her, as her interaction, knowledge and expertise in her niche gave us the assurance and confidence required in her process, which lead to us finding an IMPECCABLE fit!

I am extremely impressed with her abilities to understand, define and attract exactly what you might picture in your head as The One! I have the utmost confidence in recommending Satisfaction if you are ready to work with an Expert!”

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